African International Documentary League

The African International Documentary League is a chat base of the best documentaries produced by documentarians, journalists and film makers within Africa and the Diaspora. Reviewed weekly and an overall monthly appraisal to the best three, this league is one of the platforms created for the promotion of documentaries.

Great documentarians will be gotten from this platform, and will be celebrated as they continue to inspire and mentor others within their community. The African International Documentary League will be rated by the standards of AFIDFF and a public online opinion poll mechanism that will be integrated for a fair chat. documentaries, stories, scripts would be placed on an acceptable measuring scale and tagged by its quality and content on a solid baseline from which we can compare, categorize and organize these documentaries as it matches the foundation’s objectives. The DLR is designed to be a top twenty rating table that will show points and positions of rated documentaries.

This initiative is geared towards the growth of documentary films and digital media workforce development of young people in the film industry in Africa and the rest of the world.