AFIDFF Background

African International Documentary Festival Foundation (AFIDFF) is an international non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization founded to help project the true image of Africa through documentary and Storytelling for African themselves. The Foundation amongst its core ideals of discovering and promoting under represented stories also contributes to the preservation and promotion of rich heritage sites and cultures in Africa. 

The foundation is leading the course for a new line of documentarians who are charged to tell stories that transforms through their work, foster education, gender equality, good health, peace and justice, tourism, entrepreneurship, charity in Africa and encouraging the inclusion and respect of authentic voices through the promotion and celebration of truth to power great documentaries.

Established in the new millennium, thousands of documentarians, journalist and filmmakers, all over the globe are due to participate in the various initiatives of the African International Documentary Festival Foundation (AFIDFF). The foundation is a multi-touch point yearlong engagement that offers unique opportunities to young professionals, participants and stakeholders of African descent who have limited resources to explore the possibilities of telling their own African stories through documentary.

The Foundation have developed a number of unique programmes to achieve its goal of being a pacesetter in the discovery of young talent and promotion of Africa’s rich cultural heritage. The programmes includes the following.

  • Documentary Screening and Competition
  • Documentary Box Workshop
  • Promotion and Preservation of Culture and Heritage Sites
  • African International Documentary League Ratings
  • Documentary Festival
  • Voice of the Dreamer
  • Support and Empowerment Projects