AIDC Membership Card

African International Documentary Club

African International Documentary Club (AIDC) is an international non-profit organization club founded to help people in African communities and across the globe develop a brighter bond as documentarians, film makers, journalists, media professionals and intending media professionals to understand best the social, political and economic factors affecting lives, and to use documentary as a tool to strengthen global awareness, research, economic and social development across boards. The club has been set as the right platform for documentarians, filmmakers, media professionals, storytellers and students to live their dreams and reach their own potential power to positively influence their lives and that of the communities they live in. We’re a team of passionate optimists driven to help others realize their full potential by building lifelong learning skills, economic viable strategies and environment through the use of documentaries.

We are a training and implementation organization. We believe in exploring media technology possibilities in aiding geometrical growth in all economic sectors. We provide media training at the intersection of education, journalism, filmmaking and entrepreneurship; this ensures that our members will be well equipped to act as objective documentarians and leaders who will affect communities as social changers and drivers.

AIDC pays great attention to the media and social creative industry and helps guide minds of locals to further develop their talents by equipping them with the right techniques that will also be useful to further their potentials in earning a living and empowering their immediate society.

We teach young people how to learn, be great leaders, implement strategies, fund ideas, invention, and turn-around ailing businesses. These lifelong learning skills allow AIDC program participants to become economically and environmentally adaptable and resilient. They graduate as flexible, confident individuals and professionals ready to take on the future.

Our club falls under the Operational and Advocacy structure. AIDC is a catalyst; it implements strategic projects and deliberately partners to influence a new development culture. Like so many valuable Club’s of global repute, we have the ability to ‘inspire, facilitate, or contribute to improved thinking and action to promote change’. This Club will often act as partner alongside other organizations in order to tackle problems and address human needs more effectively.

African International Documentary Club AIDC is founded as an offshoot of the prestigious African International Documentary Festival to help translate and implement core values and objectives directly to Documentarians, Journalists, and film makers. A partner of the International Documentary Association, the club has set its priorities of bringing together great minds that will work together to foster a new path for progress in Africa and around the world using documentary. We are building a global network that opens doors to a large number of professionals who will work assiduously on contents that will impact societies and create wealth across borders.

Our Club is open to membership worldwide. Our role is to coordinate members to ensure that they abide by the standings of goals that will influence objectivity in storytelling, journalism and documentary as it affects major global issues. We are interested in our scope that focuses on connecting Africa positively to the world.

To build efficiency and better drive through a more robust network of African and global Alliance, its founders has commissioned the Club to be situated in cities and tertiary institutions around the globe. 


African International Documentary Club’s road map critically affects these areas because its philosophy is to raise great documentarians, filmmakers, journalists and leaders that must stimulate communities to socio, economic and political excellence.

We pay attention to issues affecting great concepts below listed and allow members to debate these issues while gathering facts as detectives to objectively highlight issues and foster way forward through documentary.

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mining
  • Leadership
  • Socio-Political cum Economics
  • Environment
  • Human Right
  • Health
  • Wild Life
  • Sports
  • Archaeology and History

Our Work Objectives

  • Our work addresses gaps in existing facilities that affects all sectors in the community and economic structures of Nations. We run programs that address skill gaps in established education systems, encouraging young people to see filmmaking, documentary and journalism as a viable career. Our training emphasizes root subjects to help build the foundation for sustainable career choices. We also provide financial inclusion and business training to empower women and youth with the skills to manage their own lives, households and businesses through media.
  • Our flagship program is the Documentary Box Workshop, a dynamic and exhaustive training that functions as an academy to build great documentarians, filmmakers, journalists, and creative minds. Our training course is designed strategically to ensure absolute results in the best possible time. As opportunities arise, we introduce and maintain a variety of other programming.
  • Our Docu-challenge helps us identify the next big African documentarian that will solve issues and advance communal living.
  • We pursue anything that empowers youth and women through advanced media technology, from long-term efforts like training marginalized and abused women, to yearly, week-long events like media creative arts academy and graphics academy for girls.
  • We help improve fortunes from filmmaking by driving more investment in the sector.
  • To create a healthy knowledge based economy, our club is resolved in building a research centre that will guarantee giant stride breakthrough in vast areas.

African International Documentary Club Orientation (raising an army of wealth stimulants through documentary)

African International Documentary Club can be understood by its orientation and level of how the organization operates.

  • The club’s participatory orientationphilosophy is characterized by the self-help projects where locals are involved particularly in the implementation of a documentary project by contributing tools, literature, materials, labour etc. to help in the production. In the classical community development project (where we train locals about the usefulness of documentary and to be storytellers), participation begins with the need definition and continues into the planning and implementation stages.
  • Empowering orientationaims to help poor people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, and to strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives. There is maximum involvement of the beneficiaries with Club acting as facilitators to drive this course. Our structure is designed to also promote young, talented, underprivileged journalists and documentary producers to global prominence. The ultimate objective of the Club lies in training filmmakers, journalists and documentarians to the peak of their expertise.

The organization’s level of operation has an international reach. We aim to solve immediate issues in African communities by empowering the people positively in order to effect desired social, economic cum political growth. This alliance is categorized as a ‘Non-governmental development organization/Club’.

Our Goal

  • To inspire the creation and expansion of 340, 000 businesses across African communities through our drive.
  • To train two million youth and women in a ten years plan to act as social development influencers through documentary.
  • To inspire economic sustainability and growth in over a hundred thousand communities.