Documentary Screening & Competition


The African International Documentary Festival Foundation has a unique periodic documentary screening and competition that helps discover great potentials in film. This competition is in line with the objectives of the foundation which allows for a global fair and even competitive platform for all documentarians of African descent to showcase their talent, raise awareness on divergent topics, become worthy global ambassadors of the organization and gain global prominence.

Its specific objective is to promote and support the development of the cinematic art globally with great documentarians of African descent coming up with various contents that help great courses. The goal of our documentary screening and competition is to act as a point of convergence for the African Documentarians and International Cinema industries to understand major turning points in Africa’s history and development.

The spirit of this screening and documentary competition is the one of discovery which strives to turn a catalyst for the development of the Cinematic art in documentary and storytelling globally, particularly through raising authentic voices of African descent.