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Africa and her people have a rich cultural heritage, history, politics and basic philosophy that has transformed global activities and have changed perceptions. The inclusion of voices from the margins is essential to preserving great moments that identifies with certain factors which stimulate our life through storytelling and documentaries.

The ultimate objective of the foundation is to discover and train documentarians and journalists to attain the peak of their expertise. The foundation aims at celebrating new talents in documentary, filmmaking, and storytellers of African descent while showcasing a rich African cultural heritage and history. The Foundation amongst its core ideals of discovering and promoting underrepresented stories also contributes to the preservation and promotion of rich heritage sites and cultures in Africa.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a global influence in great documentaries from Africans; to be Africa’s most dynamic platform in the promotion of good content showcasing our African heritage.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover talented under-privileged filmmakers and documentarians, train and empower them to tell the African story in their own perspective and project them to global prominence.

Our Target Audience

The AFIDF is designed to target young talented, underprivileged, journalists and documentary producers who are yet to be recognized around the world. We aim to reach all who want to learn and enjoy great African culture and heritage.

We project to have an estimated reach of about Eighty-Five million (85,000,000) through television viewership, audience participation and other online activities.



  • To bring stakeholders in the industry together and structure a new framework for the development of great African documentaries that will promote tourism, arts, culture, and craft.
  • Promotion and Preservation of Culture and Heritage Sites.
  • Positioning the festival among the leading international documentary film festivals in the world.
  • Creating strong and productive connections in communication and cooperation between young African documentary film authors and their colleagues who are yet to be recognized around the world.
  • Initiating a completely new attitude towards African academic documentary filmmaking and cinematography.
  • To help achieve the Goal of promoting quality content production.
  • To create wealth for Africans and Africans in the Diaspora.
  • To inspire new ideas and ethics around the globe through great documentaries.
  • To promote and ensure an effective and efficient social-creative sector in Africa.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence among communities through documentaries.
  • To further drive investment to the tourism, media, and movie industry.
  • To further, develop Africa with this initiative by creating Infrastructural development in media, film, and tourism.
  • To foster integration between Africa and the rest of the world.
  • To train a new generation of great filmmakers/storytellers.
  • To use documentaries for research purposes.

AFRICA: Suite 003 oyibo odinamadu block National center for women development. Central Business District Abuja.

EUROPE: 5B, Eastpoint Apt. Near East Blv. Nicosia. North Cyprus

USA: 440 #12 Logan Place Newport News, VA 23601


Tel: +234 818 122 23 33


Our Partner Countries

United States of America
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