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Culture & Heritage Preservation

Our Cultural Programs are designed to open functional doorways for tapping new opportunities to enrich the cultural and creative industries through the rejuvenation of traditional ideas, skills, and technologies identified within the African cultural environment.
We promote authentic traditional festivals and protect biodiversity to pave the path for cultural reconciliations and integration to achieve sustainable development of rural Nigeria and the African continent.

We mean to break the molds of traditional caste systems that tend to inhibit native knowledge and creativity, reconcile religious derogation of cultural practices and lead the course for new lines of cultural creativity to foster heritage education, gender balance in artistic excellence, community health and wellbeing, entrepreneurial skills in the cultural and creative industries, responsible tourism, justice, peace and sustainable cultural development in African society.

Through research, documentation, and promotion of the intrinsic African cultural values, we amplify the voice of the unheard and under-represented African stories through a documentary in order to open up new fields of engagements in cultural and environmental resources management to serve as engines of development and instruments to engender economic growth of communities in rural communities.

We work to strengthen the resilience of African societies and encourage the conservation of cultural resources of heritage value to hasten the process of socio-cultural, political, and economic recovery especially in those communities that have come under attack by natural causes and human conflicts in Africa.

AFRICA: Suite 003 oyibo odinamadu block National center for women development. Central Business District Abuja.

EUROPE: 5B, Eastpoint Apt. Near East Blv. Nicosia. North Cyprus

USA: 440 #12 Logan Place Newport News, VA 23601


Tel: +234 818 122 23 33


Our Partner Countries

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