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Voice of the Dreamer is a flagship programme of the African International Documentary Festival Foundation (AFIDFF) that highlights the continent’s most amazing talents who create a subculture in different spheres of life such as Journalism, arts, music, fashion etc.

These talented and inspiring African’s who more or less have no avenue to project their unique abilities to the world are afforded that opportunity through the “Voice of the Dreamer”. The programme lends a voice to African’s with potentials, big dreams and a story to tell.

The graphic and unique stories on the Voice of the Dreamer will highlight the personal challenges, daily survival efforts of African’s who despite the many hurdles in the African society have shown resolve to excel.

Objectives and Goals

  • Highlight the African Continents abundant talent and rich culture
  • Dreamers tell their stories
  • Platform for African Start up’s to be seen and heard
  • To ensure the sustainability of great dreams.
  • To promote education by limiting restrictions to the access of education in red tape zones.
  • Supports the dissemination of world achievements in the fields of education and culture
  • Acts in favour of international understanding, unity and assertion of the values of human civilization by developing and enhancing the exchange in culture, arts, science, education and professional training
  • Assists in the development of gifted children and capable young people by providing equal opportunities based exclusively on their professional skills and sponsoring their education, professional training and creative development
  • Enhances the preservation, maintenance and popularization of cultural and historic heritage.
  • To create a mentorship platform for intending documentarians in rural settlements.
  • To ensure effective participation of marginalized persons in the media world.

AFRICA: Suite 003 oyibo odinamadu block National center for women development. Central Business District Abuja.

EUROPE: 5B, Eastpoint Apt. Near East Blv. Nicosia. North Cyprus

USA: 440 #12 Logan Place Newport News, VA 23601


Tel: +234 818 122 23 33


Our Partner Countries

United States of America
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