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UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme:
World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) 2020-2021 Campaign.

The World Heritage Volunteers Initiative (WHV)was established in 2008 led by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service- (CCIVS) within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme. The Initiative aims to sensitize and develop an appreciation of World Heritage values through concrete hands-on activities, awareness-raising campaigns, and skills training.

UNESCO has selected Sukur Cultural Landscape located on a hill above the village of Sukur in the Adamawa State of Nigeria. It is situated in the Mandara Mountains, close to the border with Cameroon. Sukur is Africa’s first cultural landscape to receive a World Heritage List inscription. Sukur is selected to be among the 55 action camp projects to be implemented from February to December 2021 at 55 World Heritage properties and sites on the Tentative Lists, by 49 organizations in 32 countries around the globe. The Recovery Match for Sukur is a participatory conservation programme for Sukur World Heritage Site – North-East Nigeria under the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme focused on Fostering Youth Commitment towards World Heritage and strengthening the resilience of communities.

Sukur World Heritage Site offer opportunities for multi-disciplinary research on authentic culture, environment, anthropology, archaeology, agronomy, geology, mountain geography, biodiversity, and the traditional lifeways that will enrich the study of human history sustained for over 600years even in the throes of human conflict and a sweeping civilization. Sukur is compact with modes and themes that can support studies in authentic cultural traditions thereby posing as a one-stop site for research in human history, cultural resilience, agronomy, geology, technology, and other fields of academic and investment interest.

The hands-on activities in the Action Camp include the methodological study of Sukur traditional architecture mostly composed of dry stone walls, wood, straw, and thatched roof, Participants will also learn techniques in the production of iron tools, production of artisanal handcrafts, and the maintenance of stonewalls and mountain trails. Basketry, pottery, calabash making, and label designing, the participants will also organize and take part in different awareness-raising actions, from hiking on the mountain, musical evenings, and performing arts. Volunteers will also be involved in the production of a documentary on all the activities and virtual reality of the landscape.

African International Documentary Festival Foundation (AFIDFF) As the implementing Organization of the WHV 2020-2021 Programme for Sukur, Nigeria, in collaboration with the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), Nigeria National Commission for UNESCO (NATCOM), Government of Adamawa State and the relevant stakeholders, earmark to implement the program from 28th June to 11th July 2021 at Sukur World Heritage Site.



  • Participants will share knowledge of the traditional ideas, skills, technologies and other traditional modes of productions that forms the bedrock of Sukur cultural authenticity.
  • Participants will be part of UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers initiative (WHV)
  • Build local capacities in conservation techniques and methods of conservation while creating opportunities for economic self-reliance aimed at improving
    the quality of life in the local community.
  • Sukur World Heritage Site provides first hand materials for a multi-disciplinary research on Sukur Culture for students, research institutions and investor groups.
  • Participants and Volunteers will be presented with International Certificates.
  • Work and network with global participants
  • Explore investments opportunities

Additional Benefits

  • Meeting with the Hidi (Chief-in-Council) of Sukur Kingdom, the coveted throne that has been sustained for over 600years
  • Access to the Ancient Shrines and other anthropologically sensitive sites of history in Sukur Kingdom and the surrounding communities.
  • A Guided Tour of Communities on the Mandara range of Mountains.
  • A Cross – Border tourism experience with the sight of the Republic of Cameroun from the Mandara ranges.
  • Hiking on the madara mountain

Above all, participants will enjoy the special privilege of exploring one of the remaining virgin environments in Africa, share authentic cultural experiences and interact with people in their natural elements.


  • Youths and Adults between 18 -60years.
  • Participants must be certified COVID-19 free
  • Participants must be available throughout the duration of the Action Camp.
  • Participant must be heritage, Arts & Culture Enthusiasts

Eligible Regions: Open for All
Dates: 1st - 14th August 2021
Participation Fees: (The Participation fees include – Accommodation, Meals and Local Travel during the entire program)

Nigeria (Local) Participants:  N20,000

Foreign (International) Participants: $200

Deadline for Application: 30th May 2021 (Closed)
Reference Link to UNESCO Website:

 We have provided the basic Preventive Measures against Covid-19 at the Site as outlined in the Guidelines by the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and the protocol will be fully adhered to before, during, and after the Programme.  


Implementing Partners

National Commission for Museum and Monuments(NCMM): A federal agency and the umbrella body in charge of all National museums in Nigeria as well as monuments and heritage. The commission was set up to save Nigerian antiquities from destruction and create among Nigerians an awareness of their country’s cultural heritage. The NCMM during the period of this project will provide Administrative Access, on-site presence, and Guidance as Managers of the Site for UNESCO.

The Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO (NATCOM): UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. The Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO(NATCOM) is a representative body and embodiment of the country’s permanent presence at the seat of UNESCO and overseeing the affairs of the organization in Nigeria. The Commission will also provide Administrative access, on-site presence and guidance throughout the period of this project.

Adamawa State Government:  Adamawa is one of the largest states of Nigeria and occupies about 36,917 square kilometres. It is bordered by the states of Borno to the northwest, Gombe to the west and Taraba to the southwest. Its eastern border forms the national eastern border with Cameroon. Adamawa state has Twenty-one LGA with Yola as its Capital. It is a state of many contrasts and peculiarities, the people art, culture and physical features signify the nature of its diversities and potentialities which are invariably the source of its strength and unity. The State has H. E Alhaji Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as its Governor since 2019. The Adamawa State government has been saddled with the responsibilities of providing Institutional Support for security, encampment infrastructure, and transportation to Sukur, etc. (as representatives of the interest of Adamawa State Government in Sukur World Heritage Site). These include contacts with Security Agencies, access to local media – ABC- Yola, ATV and Scope Newspaper etc.

AFIDFF is saddled with the responsibility of leading the Project and generating support. They will also be responsible for the Audio-Visual and Photography of Project Activities and timely final reporting to stakeholders: an audio visual documentary; a photographic brochure, and a research booklet to guide future UNESCO and other researchers.


Supporting Partners:

Sukur Development Association (SDA)

National Councils for Arts and Culture (NCAC)

Nigerian Tourism Development Cooperation (NTDC)

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)

News Agency of Nigeria (NANS)

Nigerian Red Cross (NRCS)

Northeast Development Agency (NEDC)

American University of Nigeria (AUN)

Korean Cultural Centre, Nigeria

Venezuelan Embassy Abuja

Dr. Nicholas David & Dr. Judy Sterner

Kinjir Foundation

WHV Registered Volunteers (55)

  1. Uba Ayuba
  2. Hussaini Abdulrazaq Magaji
  3. Abdulhafiz Mohammed Ibrahim
  4. Ballin Raymond Yarida
  5. Shuiabu Dauda
  6. Zakaria Bulus
  7. Umar Abubakar Jiddari
  8. Glory Jonathan
  9. Okorie James Ifeanyi
  10. Tunde Adegboro
  11. Winnie Kiptie
  12. Nanah Siya Tizhe
  13. Ibeawuchi Gabriel Emeka
  14. Bameyi Audu
  15. James Ejimnaka
  16. Sunday Iyanwura Elizabeth
  17. Koni Eunice Yohanna
  18. Rosemary Micheal
  19. Pricilia Hon
  20. Dlanga Yusuf (Sakun)
  21. Chinonye Ejimnaka
  22. Mohammed Adamu
  23. Gbolahan Adenle
  24. Bege Eli Abbo
  25. Lawrence Luka (Sakun)
  26. Patricia Ladi Krabacher (Int. Volunteer)
  27. Anthonia Eneh
  28. Valeria Befani (Int. Volunteer)
  29. John Luka Njiling (Sakun)
  30. Roseline J Kurah
  31. Dauda Iliya ZhiglahaFra
  32. Moses Uyang
  33. Mnene Kparevzua
  34. Abba Gadzama
  35. Ngamariju Mangzha
  36. Tizhe Kwatri
  37. Sarah Passa
  38. Francis Etuk
  39. Haruna Umar
  40. Abdullahi Mohammed
  41. Bilyaminu Ibrahim Izom
  42. Benjamin Ubiri
  43. Fife Banks
  44. Danladi Hassan Kobi
  45. Anthony Sham (Site Manager)
  46. Julie Tongrit
  47. Veronica Dariya
  48. Ioranongu Terna George
  49. Andrew Kwaji Musa
  50. Asielu M.A
  51. Abdullahi Umar
  52. Adegboro Tunde
  53. Rex Idaminabo
  54. Salma Philips
  55. Afiniki Mangzha

Organization of the Volunteer

  • Nigerian Red Cross (NRCS)
  • NRCS
  • NRCS
  • Entrepreneur
  • NRCS
  • Volunteer
  • NRCS
  • NRCS
  • NRCS
  • NRCS
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Media
  • NRCS
  • NRCS
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • NRCS
  • Volunteer
  • Int’l. Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Int’l. Volunteer
  • Sukur Dev. Association (SDA)
  • Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • NCMM
  • AUN-American Univ. of Nigeria
  • CCCI
  • Nigeria Television Authority(NTA)
  • NTA
  • NTA
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • NCMM
  • NTDC
  • AFIDFF Volunteer Media
  • Volunteer
  • NTDC
  • NRCS
  • AFIDFF Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • AFIDFF Volunteer


  1. Dr. Joshua Zira
  2. Luka Peter
  3. Sunday Joshua
  4. Emmanuel Kwayang
  5. Yohanna Kalawa
  6. Ezra James
  7. Bulus Ishaya
  8. Joshua Dlira
  9. Yohanna Ganva
  10. John Zira
  11. Solomon Emmanuel
  12. Joshua Ayuba
  13. Ibrahim Ezra
  14. Luka Daniel
  15. Emmanuel Joshua
  16. Ezekiel John
  17. Samaila Ezra
  18. Emmanuel Kwayan
  19. Rose Simon
  20. Abraham Z

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EUROPE: 5B, Eastpoint Apt. Near East Blv. Nicosia. North Cyprus

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Tel: +234 818 122 23 33


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