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Sukur Yawal National Festival
23rd - 27th February, 2022

The resplendent bloom of Sukur World Heritage Site reasserts itself at Yawal Festival coming up in February at Sukur World Heritage Site, North-East Nigeria.

The 2022 edition of the Yawal Festival will consolidate the UNESCO accredited Recovery Match for Sukur held in August 2021. The event will unveil the sacred ceremonies of Yawal Sukur, celebrate the grand reunion of international tourists/researchers with the natives who were once internally displaced by insurgency but remained spiritually bonded in defense of a time-honored cultural heritage acclaimed the 1st African Cultural Landscape by UNESCO.

Yawal Sukur Festival 2022 promises an unveiling of the most secret treasures embedded in the Culture, Nature, and the Adamawa State Environment. The 4- day event which will hold from the 23rd of February, 2022 through the 27th of February 2022 will exhibit the rarest and most scintillating cultural displays on the Mandara mountains, while the elaborate ceremonies associated with the authentic traditions as upheld by the HIDI-the Spiritual Head of Sukur people, will take visitors to the most guarded and anthropologically sensitive sites of history that have survived under a strict sense of preservation for over 600 years against the throes of a sweeping civilization and the unfriendly spanks of insurgency in the region.

The festival will open doors for collaborative and multidisciplinary work on Cultural Resources Management and establish an inclusive base for the participation of communities in the region in the events at the World Heritage Site.

 The high points of this years’ event are to strengthen the bonds of unity, build goodwill and promote understanding among the diverse cultural backgrounds in the region to engender national and international co-operation in the development of a virile eco-cultural tourism programme for Adamawa State.

Come, wine, dine and build strong ties for international co-operation under the cover of authentic African hospitality while interacting with mountain-dwelling populations in their natural elements.

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