Fellow of African Documentary Circle (FADCForFADC and HonFADC) is an award and fellowship granted by the Supreme Council of the African International Documentary Club (and African International Documentary Festival) to individuals of immense integrity who have distinguished themselves (globally by promoting everything that concerns the development of documentary and documentarians, entrepreneurship and socio political leadership) and who the society judge to have made a ” Substantial contribution in the development and promotion of African economy and development through the media “.

Fellowship given by the African International Documentary Club (powered by African International Documentary Festival), is the apex combined Fellowship and Award on documentary and journalism given to distinguished persons for their contributions to propagating core African values in Technology, Documentary, Media/Journalism, Storytelling and Leadership; this is a significant honour which is awarded to many eminent Pan-Africanist and Global leaders, documentarians, journalists and storytellers within and outside the continent of Africa.

From 2019, there will be about 100 recipients annually (Fellows, and Honorary Members).

Fellow of African Documentary Circle can be described as “the equivalent of a lifetime achievement in Documentary Media Excellence with several institutions, countries and communities celebrating their announcement each year.

  • Main Fellowships
  • Fellow of African Tech and Global Leaders (FADC)
  • Honorary Fellow of African Documentary Circle (HonFADC)
  • Election of New Fellows
    • 1 Nomination
    • 2 Selection
    • 3 Admission

Main Fellowships

The African International Documentary Festival Supreme Council which oversees the African International Documentary Club will receive a total of 100 new Fellows (FADC) and honorary (HonFADC) who are elected annually from a pool of around 1000 proposed candidates each year. New Fellows can only be nominated by existing Fellows or AFIDF Supreme Council for one of the fellowships described below (except announced otherwise)

Fellow of African Documentary Circle (FADC)

Every year, up to 80 new Fellows will be elected from Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, the Americas and Caribbean Islands. Each candidate is considered on their merits and can be proposed from any sector and community. Fellows are elected for life on the basis of excellence in their involvement in Documentary, Media, Art, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, and are entitled to use the Post-Nominal letters FADC. Fellows who have been inducted are constituted into the fold of African International Documentary Club.

Honorary Fellow of African Documentary Circle (HonFADC)

Honorary Fellowship is an honorary upcoming Academic title awarded to candidates who have given distinguished service to the cause of documentary, journalism and Media but do not have the kind of achievements required for Distinguished Fellows. Honorary Fellows are entitled to use the post nominal letters HonFADC.

Election of new fellows

The election of new fellows is announced annually after their nomination and a period of peer-reviewed selection.