by Ph.D. Janice Marie Collins  (Author)

“It takes a rainbow of individuals to make the world a better place…but your healing must begin with you. I encourage you to engage in Active Centralized Empowerment…and view yourself, your struggles and your opportunities in a different light. This book was written not to tear down African Americans, but to lift them up, to a higher level of understanding, existence and performance.” Because of the many decades of being victims of constant racism and discriminatory acts, African Americans have developed what I call Internalized Colonization and Racial Fatigue. 

Watch the full 7-part documentary series seen on Vimeo, captures the journey of an African American from the U.S. to Sierra Leone, West Africa and her ancestral tribe, Mende, through DNA.

From Gullah to Geechee:

Documentary Series: Journey to My Mother’s Land

This is just a montage included towards the end of my docu-series of my journey back to the Mende tribe and Sierra Leone, West Africa-My ancestral land and people. Soon to be released for broadcast for the world to see!

Are you Gullah? Meet Nate and Al

The 10 part episode

A Taste of Gullah

A Taste of Gullah, featuring Dr. Janice Collins, is a documentary focusing on stories of some of the Gullah “folks” who decided to stay on their land. The Gullah people…descendants of enslaved Africans who live in the Low Country region of South Carolina and Georgia…have always been, and in many ways, still are marginalized. their way of life is being threatened as well as their land-making the production of this documentary even more important to the issue of surviving.